11 | 12 | 2017

Our firm has been contracted by "BirthRite", a high-end Birthing Furniture Design-Company led by an experienced midwife, to hand-manufacture bespoke pieces of equipment to their demanding specifications and requiring a high level of craftsmanship. This stylish equipment is then sold to hospitals and birth centres all over the world. Design and materials used guarantee longevity and satisfy highest infection control standards. The smooth, high gloss surface of the sitting areas is compatible with prolonged skin contact, and easily cleaned with hospital approved disinfectants. Here are some examples of this furniture:


 Monika Boenigk, Director of BirthRite: " We are consistently pleased with the excellent results achieved by the Bootswerft Schneidereit with our complex shapes. Attention to detail is masterly. Their courteous and accommodating attitude towards us as customers is exemplary. We feel very well looked after and can recommend this company without any hesitation."

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